Summer Newsletter

The heart must rule and the mind must follow.
— Lonny S. Jarrett, Nourishing Destiny

Summer Newsletter - The Fire Element, Party Invitation AND a New Dance Project Begins!

Dearest friends, I hope you are soaking in the summer's vibrance. As an acupuncturist, during this season, I think about the sun's nature and its healing capabilities. In Chinese medicine philosophy, the summer is governed by the element of Fire and associated with the heart channel, its essence and interrelated fire channels: the small intestine, pericardium and triple burner.

Imagine your body with the same growth and vitality of the cherry blossom

Connect with spring energy - imagine your body with the same growth and vitality of the cherry blossoms

Peony invites you to a Gyrokinesis, Acupuncture and Sound experience offered by Paige Barnes and Maria Scherer Wilson. The intention of the workshop is to connect with the spring governed by the element of wood. In Chinese medicine the wood element opens you to the direction and purpose of your life, your imagination and passion and greater capacity to 'go with the flow.'

Spring Newsletter

Peony Spring Newsletter - An invitation to a Gyrokinesis Acupuncture Sound Bath experience

Gyrokinesis class and Acupuncture by Paige Barnes Gyrokinesis is a slow, fluid, exercise practice based on the natural expression of the spine. By gently working the joints and muscles through circular and rhythmic movements with corresponding breathing patterns, the exercises stimulate and calm the nervous system and increase circulation.

Winter Restore

Paige Barnes invites you to Winter Restore - a discussion with Seattle health practitioners

Peony invites you to WINTER RESTORE, a discussion about self-care during the winter with Seattle health practitioners. The conversation will be held atDomanico Cellars Tasting Room - the Barrel Room Gallery featuring the mythic mountain paintings by Mya Kerner and a terra-cotta pottery installation by Zak Helenske with live music by violoncellist Maria Scherer Wilson.

Now Open!

Excited to announce the opening of Peony, an acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practice

I began the process to earn an acupuncture degree from Bastyr University. I started taking prerequisite courses at Shoreline Community College - my first class being Chemistry 101. After spending the majority of my life as a dance maker, performer and Gyrotonic instructor, sitting and learning about Western and Traditional Chinese medicine altered my state of being and perception of the world.