Paige Barnes,


Paige Barnes is an East Asian Medicine Practitioner and founder of Peony. Her practice focuses on preventative care, women’s health, pain management, mental health, pre and postoperative care and trauma. She believes acupuncture and herbal medicine can facilitate people’s innate ability to heal within.

Paige applies over 15 years of experience as a dance artist and Gyrotonic instructor to her clinical practice. Movement education cultivates body awareness, presence, discipline and to feel courageous while vulnerable. Through merging these principles with East Asian Medicine philosophy, a brave space is created for self-discovery, compassion and empowerment during a delicate healing journey.

Paige holds a MS in East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University, 2016 and a BA in Dance from the University 
of Washington, 1999.


I’ve seen many acupuncturists over the years, and Paige is as good as it gets. She has a confident and calming energy that immediately put me at ease, and her office in the gyrotonic studio is lovely and relaxing. She only sees one patient at a time so you get really customized attention. During one session, she did two different rounds of needling on me- one on my front and one on my back, plus some massage on my neck and shoulders. She utilizes essential oils with her needling, putting essential oils on the acupuncture points, as well as filling the air with the aromatic scents. The combination is divine. I went in for help with my neck and for stress reduction, and I literally left feeling like I had just spent a day at the spa.
— Lauren Morgan
Paige is rad. She is a talented, creative, and dynamic practitioner, who has made such an impact on my life. I am blessed to have met her and been on the receiving end of her needle work! Not only is she a delightful healer, she brings a wealth of understanding about whole-person wellness to her work, which means I’ve often left with solutions that I’d never have imagined, for problems I hadn’t even expected to address. Her balance and brilliance have given me such unexpected relief.

During sessions, Paige creates a comfortable and encouraging environment, where I feel free to be real about what concerns are having an impact on my health and well-being, and therefore, we can really get to the heart of issues. When in her care I feel I am being accepted and taken seriously. She identifies little shifts I can bring into my daily life, while also having an eye for the bigger picture and offering a life-affirming outlook. She listens, and the treatments work.

Paige is wonderful. I highly recommend giving the medicine she practices a try!
— Khadyja Reinhardt
I first met Paige while she was a student at Bastyr University when she treated me at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. I loved her treatments there, and I have been seeing her since the first week she opened Peony.

What I appreciate most about Paige is that she assumes nothing. Each appointment starts with a dialog and each treatment responds to my current state of being with the foundation of treating my chronic issues. I always feel listened to and supported. As an artist, I find it difficult to communicate my hypersensitivity in a healthcare environment; however, because Paige is an artist as well as a healer, she understands the need to support that sensitivity while managing other issues. Having an appointment with Paige almost every week allows me to keep space in my daily life.

Lastly, I appreciate the atmosphere Paige creates on the beautiful WuHsing Tao Campus. She is calm, kind, and diligent, wrapping her patients up in a cocoon of peace and healing.
— Mya Kerner
I have benefitted from acupuncture and Chinese medicine for many years. Treatments given by Paige Barnes at Peony are comprehensive and effective. Paige is a good listener; her intentions are clear; and her treatments give excellent results.
— Karen Fleming